Byronic Man

Byronic Man

[audio:] Aqui la cancion.

Pocas veces, un buen grupo o músico puede crear verdaderas poesías cuando hace una canción (bueno Nick Cave lo hace todo el tiempo) pero esta vez…aunque a muchos les cague la madre este sujeto lo logro…les pongo la rola para que la chequen con la letra…nota si te cagan las voces guturales…eres una marica…por cierto tiene la participacion de Villie Valo (Him).

Esta es LA rola…por alguna extraña razón…se entiende mucho…y no se si eso sea necesariamente bueno.

Dani Filth

Byronic man

As lonely as a poet on the walls of Jericho
Or the moon without the comfort of the stars
I am loathe to know it that a man without a soul
Is nothing but a spilt canopic jar

I proved it, improved it
Drove a sonnet right through it
And in this state of bliss
Evil kissed with wet lips
Pen-filled fingertips
Which throught me, for throught me
Illuminati usually pissed
But with words of some hurts worth
I threw a party that extended God’s list

Exciting new flames that my fame would claim for me
Reciting back the almanac of travesties

They call me bad
Mad Caliban with manners
Dangerous to know
A passing fad
Taught in all debauch
In excess and in canto

Grown wild this childe
Whole harems defiled
Faustina’s and Mina’s
Lady Libertine and her sisters between her

What spread of lies arise when lovers die
Which circle of hell is mine when I arrive?

They call me bad
Mad Caliban with manners
Dangerous to know
A passing fad
Taught in all debauch
Crow against the virgin snow

Grown colder, my shoulder
Like a boulder beside her

And bolder, not wiser
My dark seed took up root inside her
That mouldered, where older
Beddings would hold a passionate sigh
But laudanum and soda
Lord Numb coda
Merited a forest of inherited spite

Fleeing grief for foreign maps
I still played vampire aristocrat
Unloading my gun in hot, promiscuous laps

Then shooting swans in a gondola
I tripped my foot on a fallen star
And there’s nothing like a mouthful of Venetian tar
To let you know just who you fucking are

The patron saint of heartache
Can’t see world is falling, the world is falling down

Ever after, can they hear my laughter?

The patron saint of heartache

Never craft a better bed of disaster…

The patron saint of heartache

They call me bad
Mad Caliban with manners
Dangerous to know
A passing fad
Whereupon I tell them
To go fuck their mothers
As so…
On my grave

4 comentarios en "Byronic Man"

  1. No jodaas… Extasiado… jajaja la neta si me latio io q no soy tan dark como uds, pero esta rola es la ley… buen ritmo, buena letra, no mames, la voz, me puso de buenas, por lo general el sadismo y ese tipo de bizarrez me irradia una buena sonrrisa de la cara, pero solo en películas… ahora lo lograste con esto.

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